API: Retrieve SubmitsTo

mikecaputozi2 Expensify Customer Posts: 2

I am trying to set up an integration using Python to update the SubmitsTo field based on reporting hierarchies in the HR system. I have the logic in place to do the update operation, but I recently found out that I have to check before updating to see if the user submits to a certain person; if so, it has to be left in place instead of being updated.

Expensify's API documentation does not indicate a way to retrieve SubmitsTo only, but I noticed that it's included in the response JSON on a Policy query. So I'm trying to use that interface to get what I need, but unfortunately when I do, I get back a 401 error with the message "Not authorized to authenticate as user [the email I queried with]".

So I have two questions:

  1. Does anyone know a way around this authentication issue? I.E. do I have to configure something in the UI?
  2. Is there another, perhaps undocumented, way to retrieve the SubmitsTo without having to go through the Policy API?