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Nick_Ness34 Expensify Customer Posts: 1

How do I upload a expense request and receipts?


  • April Bekkala
    April Bekkala Expensify Customer, Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 117 Expensify Team

    Hi Nick_Ness34!

    You can create expenses via the mobile app or the web.

    Download the Mobile App

    Expensify is supported on iOS and Android devices. Click here for a short video on using the mobile app.

    ️Create your first expense

    1.  SmartScan your paper receipts with the mobile app camera at the time of purchase using the green "+" icon.
    2. Have email receipts instead? Just forward those to These will follow the same SmartScan process.
    3. In both cases, the SmartScan process will automatically extract your expense information (merchant, date, total amount, and currency)!
    4. Feel free to enter coding details (adding necessary category or tags), comments, or add attendees while your receipt is SmartScanning! We will take care of the merchant, date, amount and currency.
    5. SmartScan will even merge your receipts to imported credit card transactions.

    You can also review this doc for more detailed information on creating and submitting expenses!

    Deep Dive: Day 1 with Expensify for Submitters