FAQ: Why am I on an Annual Subscription?

Ted Harris
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When you sign up for a group policy in Expensify (that's any Collect or Control plan policy), Expensify will always default you to an Annual Subscription (with the exception of ExpensifyApproved! Accountants). You ALWAYS have the choice to opt for Pay-per-use before adding a billing card.

Your Settings > Policies > Group Subscriptions settings for your first policy will always look like this to begin with, with no commitment started:

Note: Expensify will NEVER toggle Auto Increase Subscription Size or Corporate Karma on for you.

Adding a Billing Card:

During your Free Trial, you'll complete some setup tasks that extend your trail so that you can use the feature you've enabled (amongst many others). The final task or 7 is to add your billing card (when you'll likely know that you're ready to commit):

Here you can see where you Accept the Terms and either choose to Switch the monthly payments or Downgrade to a free account (by deleting your group policy in the process).

Don't hesitate to reach out to Concierge with any questions about your policy.