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tl;dr - Expensify has committed $3MM+ to, which is devoted to unwinding systemic bias by funding 62 campaigns up to $5,000, 10 up to $25,000, 5 up to $50,000, and 1 up to $100,000.  Whether or not you are already an donor, vote for the best campaigns here by July 26th -- and if you aren't yet, learn about the many ways to donate here.

The fund is devoted to financing scalable campaigns targeting the root causes of systemic inequality, the compounding effects of which are apparent all around us today.

Expensify has committed $0.25 for every $1.00 it pays to white, male employees to  That adds up to over three million dollars a year, on top of all the funds donated through Expensify Card Karma Points, Corporate Karma, Personal Karma, and the countless direct donors to

The team has reviewed over one thousand proposals for the Community Justice Grant Challenge.  After a thorough review process that took hundreds of hours, this list was narrowed down to 62 exceptional, fully qualified campaigns, spanning climate justice, food security, housing equality, reentry services, and youth advocacy.  Now is your chance to help pick the top 10, each of which will receive up to $25,000 of volunteer reimbursements to fuel their campaigns!  Those 10 will then share their early results, and you will have the another chance to help pick the top 5 to each get up to $50,000 of funding, along with grand prize winner that will get up to $100,000 to spend unwinding systemic bias in society.

Vote for the top Justice Campaigns here

Additionally, to honor the incredible effort put into these campaign proposals, will fund all 62 qualified campaigns with up to $5,000 in reimbursements each, starting immediately.'s mission is to "create a more just and generous world".  We've historically done that by reimbursing thousands of SNAP recipients up to $50 for bags of groceries during COVID (and more recently, paying SNAP recipients $50 to get vaccinated).  These new campaigns will magnify our justice efforts 62x, and we couldn't be more excited to support them all.

Systemic bias is not unique to the United States.  But we do have a unique history that produced it.  A massively bipartisan majority of our government has recently recognized Juneteenth -- the celebration of the end of slavery -- as a new federal holiday.  Juneteenth is proof we can pull together as a society to recognize our past.  But it's also a reminder that the multi-generational problems that linger from that legacy of slavery won't magically fix themselves.

We are honored by the thousand people who generously took the time to write their campaign proposals -- and who volunteered to personally lead up those campaigns to make things right.  They are all setting an inspiring example of how ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to step up and take action towards justice in their communities.  Please take a moment of your time to review and vote for your favorites, and let's join arms to fix this world we share and love!


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