How To: Set Up Your Free Plan

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Businesses can set up their team with Expensify Cards, reimburse cash expenses, send invoices, and manage bills, all for FREE! The workspace admin has complete visibility and control over all spend associated with the workspace in real-time!

What you need:

  • One admin to create the Workspace.
  • A U.S. business bank account.

How To: Set up the Free Plan:

A) Select the plan from your Expensify Inbox:

When you set up a Group Policy, your next step will be to go to your Expensify Inbox and look out for the "Would you like to get started with our free plan?" inbox message and click Get Started:

B) Select the plan from the mobile app

When you create a brand new account on the app, you will see the option "Set Up my Company For Free"

C) From the pricing page

Select the Free Plan from the list of plans on the pricing page.

D) From

Once you are in, click the green + button and select New Workspace.

Configure the Workspace:

A workspace is a way to organize a group’s expenses under one roof. When you select the Free Plan, a workspace is automatically created, allowing you to view and manage the settings from the Workspace Editor.

To access your workspace settings go to Settings > Policies > Group and click on your workspace name:

Once you click on your workspace, you will be directed to your workspace settings on, where you'll see two rooms: #admin and #announce!

Once you're in, you'll see a menu list of everything you can do in your Workspace. If you don't have a verified business bank account added yet, here is where you add it! Navigate to the last item on the menu Connect Bank Account and follow the prompts.

Once your bank account is connected, you now can…

Invite your team to your Workspace:

Navigate to Manage members to invite your team. You can invite users one at a time or invite multiple with a comma separated list of emails, like this “[email protected], [email protected]”.

Once your team members are invited to Expensify you can assign them their Expensify Card and maintain real-time visibility of all spend!

In order to assign a user an Expensify Card, you must invite them via your company/private email address (i.e. [email protected] and NOT [email protected])

Issue Expensify Cards:

Navigate to Issue corporate cards and select Issue & Manage Cards. Here you will be redirected to to view cards for your team! You can manage cards, add a limit and reconcile cards from here.

Here is a guide in assigning and unassigning your Expensify Cards. Once you assign a card and set a Smart Limit over $0, the assignee will be prompted to add their shipping details in their Expensify Inbox. While waiting for the physical card to arrive, they can begin spending immediately using their digital card:

Please bear in mind that with the Free Plan, you will not be able to integrate the Expensify cards with your accounting package.

Now you have added a verified business bank account, added users to your Workspace, assigned cards and added Smart Limit over $0! Now you're all set to spend in real time!

How to edit your Workspace name

You can do this easily by clicking General Settings in the Workspace Editor:

How to delete a workspace:

You can delete a workspace from by going to Settings > Policies > Group, select the setting cog to the right of the Workspace's name and choose Delete.

*** If you are a current Expensify customer on an existing paid subscription, you cannot switch to a FREE plan.

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