Deep Dive: Getting Started with the Mobile Inbox

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If you're someone who is always on the move, on the road and on the job, the Expensify Mobile Inbox will likely be the place you spend most of your time! This is where you'll see the expenses you need to approve, or fix before submitting.

Let's look at how to use the Mobile Inbox when you are first starting out with Expensify...

Getting Started

The first step is downloading the Expensify mobile app, and you can do this from the Apple store or Google Play store.

Step two is validating your email and setting a password! Tap the link in your email to get started...

Once you have set your password, you'll want to set your Default Policy - this should be the Group Policy you use to submit expenses to your organisation's finance team:

Once you have set your Default Policy, it's time to give yourself a real name and add a profile pic! This will help your team instantly recognise you when they see your expenses and reports come through:

Get Paid

If you're in the US, you will likely want to add a bank account asap, so that your organisation can pay you back for your expenses! There's an Inbox task for this, too...

(If you're outside the US, but you need to add a US bank account, click Switch Country!

Now you're all ready to start SmartScanning your receipts!

  • Paper receipts - use the green camera button to SmartScan
  • Email receipts - forward these to [email protected]

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