How to: Create and code expenses on mobile

Rachael Hopkins
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It's easy to create expenses and code them on the Expensify mobile app!

Tap the blue '+' icon for the full range of expense creation options, or tap the green camera icon to jump directly to SmartScan:

When you're in SmartScan mode, tap the gallery (left) to upload an existing image or tap the camera (right) to go into rapid-fire mode if you have a few receipts to capture. Tap the blue centre button to capture your receipt.

Coding as you go

When you have snapped your receipt, you can then add "coding" AKA give it a category and tag. Your coding will depend on the accounting system your organisation uses. Tap More options and you will be able to say if it's Billable (billed to your customer/client) or Reimbursable (repayable to you).

Hit Save and you'll get a confirmation that your receipt is uploading, and you can leave it to SmartScan. This means we'll transcribe the Merchant, Date and Amount for you!

NB: Fill out details myself will stop the SmartScan so that you can manually key in the Merchant, Date and Amount, but be mindful that this will flag for review and if you have a company credit card it will prevent the receipt from merging with the card transaction automatically. This is why it's best to SmartScan as you go instead of saving up your receipts!!

If you want to check in on your SmartScanning expense or code it later, just go to the Expenses tab of the mobile menu and tap to edit. You can also swipe to delete.

You'll see a status on each expense, here's what they mean:

  • Unreported: Not on a report (only you can see it)
  • Open: On a report which is still in progress (your Policy Admin can see the expense when it's on a report)
  • Processing: You have submitted the report but it's waiting for Approval
  • Approved: If it's a non-reimbursable expense, the workflow is finished. If it's reimbursable you just need to be paid now!
  • Reimbursed: Cha-ching! It's all done! Check the report history (bottom of the report) to see when you'll get paid.
  • Closed: If you use Expensify with your company, you probably accidentally put this on your Personal Policy. Check out this guide for how to fix it or you may not get your money back!

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