Direct Connect with Whitney bank?

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Our company banks with Whitney bank. Can I direct connect with that bank through Expensify?

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @Cmleboeuf, great question!

    I've double-checked and we do not support a direct connection with Whitney bank for personal or company card import.

    The easiest way to check, is to log into your account and head to Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Company Cards, from there, click Import Card and type in the name of your bank.

    Since we do not support a direct connection, there will be two options available for importing expenses.

    1. Commercial Card Feed - For this option you'll need to reach out to your bank rep and ask them if your bank account qualifies for a commercial feed. If so, you can use one of the two help docs below to get the feed process started. If you qualify for a feed it's the second-best option after using the Expensify Card for real-time expenses and individual card limits for each employee.
      1. Set up a Visa feed here,
      2. Set up a MasterCard feed here,
    2. Spreadsheet upload - This option works similarly to a direct connection in that you are still able to assign expenses to employees based on the card number in the spreadsheet. You will upload a spreadsheet on your own schedule to update employee expenses in Expensify. More on this option here.

    I hope this info is helpful! Feel free to reply here or reach out to me directly from within your account or by emailing Cheers!