Setting up a Demo

ecromar Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Why is it impossible to get a demo set up? I can not justify setting up an entire system under the free trial before knowing if the system will meet our needs.

I need the Finance and IT teams to be able to meet with Expensify and go through the features to see if it will provide sufficient value to the company before investing time or money into it... I can not make the executive decision to switch. The lack of support is already a huge deterrent for switching systems.

Will the integration with NetSuite be complex and time consuming? What will the credit card authorization look like? Can we set up separate regions? Etc.... Concierge is useless in getting an idea of the value of this product.


  • Alejandro Paz
    Alejandro Paz Expensify Team Posts: 87 Expensify Team

    Hi @ecromar,

    Sorry to hear that you were having some trouble getting a better understanding of the product. Were you able to get on a call with our Guides team during your trial? You can select the Call buttons at the top-right of your Inbox messages to speak to one of our Guides. You can also select the Watch Demo buttons on the Inbox tasks to learn more about specific parts of Expensify.