QuickBooks Online and Expensify Cards

haley_exsted1 Approved! Accountant Posts: 7

Help!!! I don't understand how that works. My employee used his card for the week at the end of week I send the report to QB. When I get to QB, the expenses are in the Expensify Card Liability Account. I go find each transaction and change it to the regions account. so it has a match in the banking tab. This was right at the beginning of using the cards and there wasn't a lot of transaction coming in and out. I didn't know about the other account that Expensify was suppose to make on the first time it was synced to QB.

NOW i have many transaction coming out and I also got a refund from one of the merchants my employee charged at, a motel room. So the daily settlement they took out the first amount and refunded the rest, as well as Expensify overcharged me on two other transaction and that was inculded in the refund to..

How do I set up QB online and Expensify Card correctly so it doesn't continue messing up my QB online banking tab with all these daily settlements and refunds??