Expensify’s Support Methodology

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One of the most common questions we receive is: Why doesn’t Expensify provide a phone number or live chat? The short answer is: We value your time! Expensify is a very complex product, and troubleshooting takes time and collaboration. We all have nightmares about waiting endlessly on hold, unable to do anything else while we wait, and that is the last thing we would want to put our customers through.

However, we understand that may not be an obvious conclusion, so we want to explain. We provide a team of product experts to thoughtfully write personalized answers to more complex questions, and have built AI to provide immediate answers to simple questions that are easily resolved.

Expensify is a team of product specialists through and through. We begin working on a customized response that thoroughly answers your question and sets you up for success long-term when you write in. Instead of just addressing isolated issues, we treat each issue as an ongoing conversation by analyzing each customer’s setup, having productive conversations, and providing thoughtful answers. Our team is passionate about providing an exceptional solution for all customers, and we’ve found this approach allows us to do just that, without keeping you chained to the phone on hold.

You may have already interacted with our new friend, Concierge, whose goal is to help you resolve simple issues quickly. Concierge is still very new, but our hope is that Concierge will allow us to achieve the best of both worlds — instant support for simple questions and thoughtful human interactions for more complex discussions.

Want to know more about the best way to get in touch with us and how to make the most out of your conversations? Check out our guide here!

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