Timeout for combinedReportData API request

MClarkZylo Expensify Customer Posts: 1

We are experiencing a timeout when using the API to request a report for a single customer using the same pattern we have used for other integrated customers. The time period looks for approved requests for a single day and looks back 60 days in order to find records that weren't approved on the same day as created. It was working up until the date in the example below when the timeout was set to 10 mins. The connection timeout has been increased to 15 mins to allow for more time but still not able to respond within that time. Is taking over 15 mins for this type of request expected? What is the suggested upper limit for timeout when using this API?

Example Report being used:

Example Input Settings:

"inputSettings": {

  "type": "combinedReportData",


  "filters": {

   "approvedAfter": "2021-07-05",

   "endDate": "2021-07-06",

   "startDate": "2021-05-08"