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We're located in Canada, we don't have access to the auto deposit which is fine I guess. What the issue is really is that in 2020 they doubled their prices but then said you can get a 50% discount (back to normal pricing) by signing up for the Expensify Card. They don't offer the card in Canada so no we're stuck paying double for less features.

Absolutely gutted because I love the software, but there are definitely WAY CHEAPER options with all the features we'd need......


  • Imperial
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    we encountered the same thing but was offered the discount if we did the annual subscription.

  • Zany Renney
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    @CanadianCustomer2021 @Imperial -- I hear you. We're working really hard to get the card available to our customers in other countries. In the mean time, we're happy to take a look at your account and do a deep dive into how you're currently set up with Expensify to make use of our other included features such as invoicing and bill pay. We've also gotsome extra ones coming up soon! Keep an eye out for our newsletters announcing these.

    Please write to concierge@expensify.com and one of our team will be able to take a look at your setup and advise the best next steps. We do appreciate the patience on the Expensify Card front and know there is more we need to do here to make Expensify as cost-effective for non USD customers.

  • aco
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    @Zany Renney Any update on when Canadian customers might get improvement to this situation? As noted above, we're already paying more for less: e.g. no ACH/EFT, full external credit card integration, etc let alone no access to Expensify Card. Even above, it's funny to see you reference suggesting Bill Pay as value-add feature above - yet again, not actually available to us here.

    We had our annual renewal come up in February (with the price increase kicking in) and stuck it out in expectation that the Expensify Card was imminent as communications had indicated would be offered over the 12 month rollout introduction of the unbundled fee - but here we are months later and still nothing.

    Tried reaching out to Concierge for a commitment to timing and/or a discount in the meantime, but couldn't get anything more than a canned response saying international rollout is planned but no actual commitment or even indication of when the card might be available and can't provide a discount / do anything about the pricing. In fact, despite providing a link to this post, including @Imperial's note that a discount was provided if did an annual subscription, Concierge stated there is no way to have a discount provided.

    In the meantime, I'm tired of holding my breath. We've already started dropping users, and will start working an a complete replacement - which is disappointing, because there are some handy features here... just not enough for us to justify USD$18/mo for most users. International customers be forewarned - we're clearly not a focus.

  • LaurenR_Expensify
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    Hi @aco - we are absolutely working our best behind the scenes to get these features enabled for our Canadian and other international customers. For context, Money Transfer Licences require extensive business background checks, and as much as we'd love to expedite the process unfortunately we are subject to standard pace of the issuing authorities in each jurisdiction.