The Powerful Expensify Widget on the 9Spokes Business Dashboard

Sofie de Vreese
Sofie de Vreese Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 3 Expensify Team
edited September 2021 in 3rd party integrations

Did you know that Expensify is a featured widget on the 9Spokes BusinessDashboard? Within the dashboard, you can choose to connect to a suite of powerful widgets, including Expensify, Google Analytics, QuickBooks, various top Banks, and more! Gain more transparency into your business by pulling in key metrics and important data all in one central place.

The 9Spokes dashboard offers key insights and a real-time analysis of business data, allowing users to see the full picture of where their business stands from both a financial and growth perspective.

Once you’ve signed into your 9Spokes account and connected to Expensify, you’ll get insights such as:

  • Expense reports to approve (overall): displays total number and amount of expense reports awaiting approval in the last quarter (90 Days).
  • Top 5 oldest expense reports to approve: prioritizes the top five oldest expense reports to approve and the days since the expense was submitted for approval, as well as the amount in the last quarter (90 days).
  • Top 5 expense reports categories: offers insight into your top five highest expense categories and the amount approved per category in the last quarter.

Don’t have an Expensify account yet? Simply follow this link to get started!