Every Expensify Card just got up to 2% cash back, get yours!

David Barrett
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If you just saw a big deposit to your bank account, that's no mistake: every Expensify Card now earns up to 2% cash back! (Applies to USD purchases only.)  No gimmicks, no need to ask, just a little extra cash in your pocket as thanks for using Expensify -- this month, and every month going forward.  Here's how it works:

  • Every month, on all purchases, you get 1% cash back.
  • Every month you spend over $250K combined across all your cards, you get 2% cash back.
  • This applies to ALL categories.  No tricky fine print.
  • There are NO LIMITS to your cash back: we don't stop the party right when it starts getting good.
  • This happens automatically -- no need to apply, nothing to negotiate with a pushy salesperson.
  • This is in addition to the 50% discount you get off of your Expensify subscription for putting 50% of your approved spend on the Expensify Card.

No benefits were harmed in the making of this offer; this is purely additive.  The Expensify Card still has no annual fees, no interest fees, and no late payment fees.  It has built in fraud protections, unusual spend alerts, continuous GL sync, and more.

If you're still not sure, click here to chat or speak with a human, right now.  Everybody deserves the best tools -- especially when they pay you 2% cash back to use them -- because nobody was born to do expenses.


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