4% Cash back on the Expensify Card is here to stay!

Ted Harris
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Get up to 4% cash back on Expensify Card purchases!

In your first three months get 2% cash back on all purchases (no strings attached or silly points programs), or spend more than $250k/month for 4% cash back.

  • After that, get 1% or 2% monthly cash back on all purchases forever, respectively. There is no threshold!
  • Get cash back on all purchases, from flights to recurring subscription costs to digital ads and even office snacks!
  • No need to enable anything — your team will automatically start earning cash back once your company spends qualifies.

The cash back is paid out on a monthly basis and the credit will go back to the Settlement account - we’ll show this on the Settlements table under Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Company Cards - Reconcile > Settlements.

The Expensify Card still has no annual fees, no interest fees, and no late payment fees! It has built-in fraud protections, unusual spend alerts, continuous GL sync, and more.

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