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Cashback on the Expensify Card is here!

Amanda DeWitt
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Get up to 2% cashback on Expensify Card purchases!

From September 2021, We are offering TWO Cashback Tiers:

  • 1% Cash Back: for any month where domain spend on the Expensify Card exceeds $25,000 USD
  • 2% Cash Back: for any month where domain spends on the Expensify Card exceeds $250,000 USD and where all of that spend is on a paid membership (Collect or Control Plans)!

We know that every dollar counts for businesses big and small, that’s why businesses can now earn cashback from purchases made on their Expensify Cards!

Get cashback on all purchases, from flights to recurring subscription costs to digital ads and even office snacks! When your team spends more than $25k/month across all Expensify Cards company-wide, your company will get 1% cashback on every purchase. Spend more than $250k/month across all Expensify Cards company-wide as part of a paid policy and get 2% cashback.

No need to enable anything — your team will automatically start earning cashback once your company spends qualifies.

The cashback is paid out on a monthly basis and the credit will go back to the Settlement account - we’ll show this on the Settlements table under Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Company Cards - Reconcile > Settlements.

The Expensify Card still has no annual fees, no interest fees, and no late payment fees! It has built-in fraud protections, unusual spend alerts, continuous GL sync, and more.

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