Expenses vs. credit card expesnses

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Hi. I have a question. I just received a card from my company, but before that I had some expenses that I spent on my own and need to submit. I'm new to this system and a little confused. If I'm understanding it right, I need to upload all my expenses to the Expenses page, and the credit card purchases will appear there too. But do the personal expenses I'm submitting get put through on a report that is different from the credit card purchases? And do I need to submit a report for the credit card purchases, since I will not need to be reimbursed for those?


  • Sonia Liapounova
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    Hi @Sarah_Blustain128 Thanks for writing in!

    This sounds like a question that would be best answered by your manager or finance team. I would recommend reaching out to your internal contact for clarifications on company policy and how they'd like you to submit the two types of expenses (out of pocket and company card).

    In general, many companies use Expensify to track company card expenses. If you SmartScan a receipt we will automatically merge it with the corresponding company card expense. If you put both the out-of-pocket and company card expenses on a report then the report will show the reimbursable and non-reimbursable subtotals. If that report is then reimbursed by your company admin then the reimbursement will be issued only for the reimbursable portion of the report total.