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Approvers can see their submitters' Open expenses for company credit cards

Tango Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

Currently in Expensify, when you have Advanced Approval on company/business credit cards (each submitter has their reports routed to various approvers), the approvers can only see their submitters' expenses once they are in Processing or Approved status. This means they have no way of knowing what expenses their staff have not dealt with and submitted to them.

If approvers could view expenses in Open status on their Expense and Report tabs, this would make a HUGE difference in workflow: managers could actually view and track who in their departments is behind on submitting their expenses, send reminders, and view and discuss expenses their staff may have questions about, etc.

As it is now, admins on the finance just have to keep reminding everyone incessantly to do things by the deadline (haha), and managers can send general reminders, but we can't really get managers to help enforce the expense policy when they can't see what expenses are pending for their departments/budget that are outstanding.

It seems like right now the only solution is for individual users to set up their approvers as co-pilots, which is cumbersome and most approvers are unlikely to go in to every individual co-piloted account to look at open expenses - if it was available from within their own Expense (or Reports) tabs they could easily toggle to see who on their team needs to submit stuff to them.

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