[OUTDATED] Mobile app camera crashes 100%

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Mobile app now crashes my phone camera.
Just opening the Expensify camera crashes the app, and even my phone camera from then on also is unable to open until I restart the phone..
I thought I could get round the problem by taking a photo with my phone cam and upload through Expensify but UPLOADING a receipt also opens the camera which then crashes... I just want to upload a receipt!!

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  • Ted PeetersTed Peeters Posts: 261 Expensify Success Coach
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    Hiya @benno - thanks for reporting this. We typically encounter more problems with Android phones due to the sheer volume of different camera parts, drivers and variations of software but we're doing our best to keep up!

    The best way you can help us is to always notice when this occurs and then message us as @Sheena Trepanier stated earlier in this thread after you've recreated the issue on your phone.

    This will allow us to gather logs for exactly what's happening on your device at the time.

    Any further screenshots or screen recordings you can include in these messages would be amazing.


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