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Enable "Track Tax" feature to properly record tax portion (HST) of Per Diems

GeorgeDouglas Expensify Customer Posts: 1

In Canada, Per Diem expenses include HST and can be claimed by the business/organization on their HST returns, to offset HST collected on sales.

Right now, when Per Diem expenses are sent to Quickbooks Online, Expensify enters the expense with 0% HST. Before we can process the bill for payment, we need to manually enter into each bill and then calculate and change the Per Diem line to be the before HST amount and then change the HST code to proper code.

It would be very helpful if the same "Track Tax" feature from the "Distance" expense could be implemented for Per Diems. That would remove the above issue and the HST would be correctly recorded in Quickbooks right from the export.


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