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Deep Dive: Bulk mark reports as exported

Rachael Hopkins
Rachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 871 Expensify Team

We recently made a small change to how un-exported reports are handled, you may have noticed that if you have a connected accounting integration, all unexported reports will now display in the Inbox for all Policy Admins. This is to ensure that if you ever forget, or have a ‘silent’ export fail, you can easily see what’s awaiting export.

Unfortunately, for some organisations who had connected to accounting software years after starting with their policy, that has meant that historical non-exported reports may be cluttering up their inbox. Here’s how to fix this:

1. Mark as "Exported"

Click on the name of the report in your Inbox (not the Export button) and once in the report click Export to > Mark as Manually Entered. This will tell the system that the accounting process is complete and that you don’t need an export. It will not send any data to your accounting system.

2. Bulk routine

If you have hundreds of reports like this, our engineering team can run a script to mark the reports as manually entered. But we do need you to prep the file so that we know exactly which reports should be processed!

To prepare the file:

  1. Go to your Reports page
  2. Reset Filters and filter for Approved and Reimbursed reports (add more filters if you know it’s for a particular date range or policy)
  3. Select All and export to “All Data - Report Level Export” - the resulting file will be emailed to you and you can click to download the file
  4. Open the sheet and sort by “Exported to Accounting via Integration” and delete any row set to “Yes”
  5. Sort by Report Final Approved Date and remove any rows/report which you think are too recent
  6. Remove any rows for reports which you don’t want marked as manually entered
  7. We only need the Report ID column, so feel free to delete any distracting columns
  8. Save as CSV

When you have a list of the reports you want to be ‘Marked as Manually Entered’ in bulk, message and upload your file or email ​​[email protected]​​ and ​​​​attach your file. Let us know in your message that you want the reports to be marked as entered.

We’ll need to raise a ticket and have an engineer run a script on your account, so you can expect a timeframe of 3-7 working days.

Reach out to Concierge with any questions!