Constant issues with export To Quickbooks

BrookeH Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I have about 30 users on our company Expensify policy and the month end export to Quickbooks is a nightmare. I learned quickly to export only one report at a time and if the report is too big, I receive an error. Part of the time, the export has happened successfully so if I try again, I double up the entries. Another part of the time, a PORTION of the report exports to Quickbooks so I can't export the whole report again and must manually enter. Also, really large expense reports won't export at all. I'm at my wits end about 7 months of this. It takes us way too long to do this and I tell myself that surely all users aren't doing what I'm doing. But the concierge help can't figure out the issues and they can't/won't escalate my help requests. Any suggestions?