We've dropped the per-seat fee, Expensify is now totally free!

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tl;dr - Sign up for the new Free Plan to get Expensify Cards with up to 2% cash back, expense reimbursements, bill payments, and invoicing -- all completely free! No hidden fees, no per-seat fees. One-app, all free!

In the past 13 years, Expensify has accumulated over 50,000 customers around the world, big and small. But there are over 100 million businesses around the world, so we have... a long way to go. One reason for that gap is that classic expense management is wildly overkill for millions of businesses who don't really need formal approval workflows, custom coding, accounting sync, etc. So now we're launching an entirely new free plan that provides the basics at no cost whatsoever, including:

  • Free Expensify Card for you and all your employees[1], with both physical and digital cards, customizable weekly limits and 1% cash back on every category of spend (2% cash back for the rest of the year!)
  • Free next-day ACH reimbursements for cash expenses.
  • Free SmartScan for an unlimited number of receipts (purchases made with the Expensify Card almost never require them, but you probably want them for cash reimbursements).
  • Free invoicing with online bank transfer and credit card collections.
  • Free bill processing and online payment (with a custom bill processing email address for your vendors to send their PDFs to).
  • Free chat-based corporate travel booking through Concierge, with free Global Rescue travel protection!

It's basically everything a small business owner needs to run their business, absolutely free, without any hidden fees. It only takes minutes to sign up, and our Guides are standing by to walk you through it on the phone via screen share:

Sign up for our new free plan and talk to an onboarding Guide right now!

Furthermore, whenever your needs grow you'll be in the perfect position to upgrade to our paid plan -- for as low as $9/employee/mo -- to get a zillion advanced features, including:

  • Accounting sync to automatically categorize expenses directly into your chart of accounts, and then export them nightly to your accounting package of choice.
  • Expense rules to flag improperly coded expenses and alert employees to fix them in realtime.
  • Advanced approvals for multi-level routing workflows.
  • SmartLimits to automatically reduce employee limits until their past expenses are approved.
  • 2% cash back on every category in months where combined spend is over $250K.
  • Third-party corporate card or travel feeds, in case you'd prefer not to use ours.
  • HR, recruiting, payroll, CRM, PSA, and other integrations for advanced coding and automatic employee provisioning.
  • SAML/SSO and other domain-level security controls.

So, whether you want the simplest or the most powerful expense management on the planet, we've got you covered -- as cheap as free, or as low as $9/employee/month.

Finally, while I have you, a couple more exciting announcements:

  • Expensify is now carbon neutral! We've fully offset our own 2021 carbon footprint through deforestation avoidance, and are beginning the long road to "net zero" by 2030 -- where we permanently capture and sequester not just our own greenhouse gas emissions, but those of all our suppliers as well!
  • Our Expensify.org justice challenge is complete! 53 semi-finalists will receive $5,000 in volunteer reimbursements, and 10 Expensify.org finalists will get $25,000!
  • Our first episode of Long Ass Table Talks just went live, featuring Trevor Noah sitting down with our very own Joanie Wang and Puneet Lath to break down how the Daily Show has created such a diverse and creative team. Even if you aren't an A-list comic legend producing an iconic late night show, there's tons of practical advice you can apply to your own company. More details will be coming soon, but it turned out SO GOOD -- don't wait, watch it now!

That's all for now, but there's so much more on the way. Check out our social to be the first to know!


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[1] Offered to companies with a US business bank account. There are no fees or costs associated with the Expensify Card. For Program Pricing, please visit https://www.expensify.com/pricing