can employees add info to uploaded credit card receipts?

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can employees designate account, class and add a description while uploading a company credit card receipt? Can they do this without viewing any other company financial info?


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hello @ebp, this is a great question and I'm happy to answer it for you.

    If your employees are using the mobile app to upload their receipt images, it will be a couple clicks for them to add the category, tag and comment to the receipt. I've created a video below to help illustrate how this is done.

    How to add expenses on the mobile app

    We'll sync the newly uploaded expense to the employee's account on the web and finish SmartScanning it.

    Taking these steps shouldn't grant the employee access to any other company financial info. But if you'd like to tell me a little more about your concerns and what information you'd like to keep private from them, I can provide a more thorough answer.