Is it possible to Create, Update and Deactivate users using the API

sslavierogocardless Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hi Everyone,

We've been looking at the Advanced Employee Updater API mentioned below.

We are planning to use Okta for SSO, but the OOTB integration with Expensify (from what my research and chats with support tell me) that the Provisioning feature only support Deactivating users.

Which led us to this API. We would look to use Okta's Workflows engine to see if its possible.

My question is... Is it possible to manager the user's lifecycle using this API?

Does the API use Basic Auth? Just a UN & PW: partnerUserID and partnerUserSecret

Can we create new users against a specific policy?

Are we able to update users if their email, name or policy changes (based on our rule set in Okta Workflows)?

I assume we can deactivate users by setting the isTerminated attribute to True?

Thanks, and I hope someone can clarify the above.