Clarification on using Expensify for vendor bills

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It appears from this post that we can route company vendor bills (or vendor invoices) through Expensify for approval. I am hoping to clarify a few things.

Our particular use case is that we would want one central individual who manages our A/P to submit vendor bills through Expensify and route them to department leads for review and approval.

Upon final approval, we would want to export these bills into our accounting system where they would be ultimately paid.

Is it possible to gain approvals in this fashion?

If we use this feature, do we have to also initiate the payment from within Expensify?

Thanks for clarifying!

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  • Conor Pendergrast
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    Hey @gherkert, absolutely - the approval workflow is a key benefit of routing those through Expensify! From the page you linked, the key line is:

    The bill will follow the primary contact's approval workflow

    The primary contact is the email address set at Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Domain Admins. The bill will use their default policy's workflow, which you can see within your Group policy's People page. Does that clear that up?