Are eReceipt URLs from exports working for anyone? I've been getting 500 errors for days...

maasj Expensify Customer Posts: 29 Expensify Aficionado


When you export an expense report to a CSV file one of the fields you can export is the Receipt URL. Doing that gives you an URL which you can visit to view receipts, whether they're a PDF, an image, or an eReceipt. In the case of eReceipts the system just pulls the transaction details from the database and formats them into a virtual receipt web page.

The URLs *for eReceipts only* have been broken for us since at least 10/28/2021, returning 500 errors:

I've contacted customer service twice in the past week and have been told that the Expensify team is aware of the problem, that it's affecting other customers, and that they're working hard on fixing it. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me though, because if you know anything about web app development you'd know that this web page is about the simplest part of the entire Expensify software stack. I can't imagine what could break it so bad that a "team" needs to work on it for weeks and still can't fix it.

So can anyone else here confirm that exported Receipt URLs for eReceipts are broken for them too? Has anyone gotten more information from Expensify Customer Service about what's really going on and why Expensify can't (or won't) fix the problem?