Final Notice a Danielle Russo Performance Project - Youth Advocacy: Eligible Expenses

Christina Dobryzynski
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Welcome to's Justice Campaign!

We're so excited to partner with you to achieve your community goals. This page includes a full list of eligible expenses for the Final Notice campaign.

  • Click here to join the campaign policy and become a volunteer!
  • Below is a list of eligible task payments.
  • When creating an expense for reimbursement, please be sure to locate the one you're submitting below and enter all the required information, or your expense will not be approved and paid.
  • To avoid any delays: If you believe that you have an eligible expense that is missing from this list, please reach out to your campaign manager (who approves your expenses) to get this updated first before you submit it to for reimbursement.
  • Here's our training video on how to submit and approve expenses using the Expensify app.

Eligible Task Volunteer Payments


  • The expense must be for an approved task on behalf of the campaign
  • The task must be no more than 30 days old
  • The task must include the required proof detailed below. This must prove the result was accomplished (eg. hanging a poster or delivering a workshop)
  • The category must be applied
  • You will be reimbursed 50% of the task amount
  • Volunteers must submit each task for reimbursement in Expensify by heading to their Expenses page, then selecting New Expense > selecting Per Diem > selection Destination: Task
  • Youth is considered 18 years and under (only applicable for Youth Fund campaigns)

Required information that needs to be included on each of the below eligible expenses

  1. Volunteer paid for one-hour session teaching artists and technologist volunteers to build the mobile app - $70 reimbursed
    1. Destination: Task
    2. Start Date: Date you began working on this task
    3. End Date: Date you completed this task.
    4. Per Diem Quantity: 1
    5. Subrate: select one-hour mobile app building session
    6. Amount: Your task rate is added automatically when you select your task
    7. Category: select mobile app building session
    8. Expense Description: I hosted [X] sessions on building the mobile app
    9. Proof: List of attendees, date and time of the sessions. A write up of what was taught and what was built.

The screenshot below shows you how to add any report attachments such as photos for proof of task and behavior to your expense report.

That's it! Thanks for making the world a better place.

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