Email Delivery Issues With O365 Accounts

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The organization that I support continues to have issues with emails coming from Expensify that the concierge has been unable to resolve. Most of the time they arrive but the morning is typically when they fail to arrive.

Through the concierge we have been provided three different domains that email should be coming from:


However running message traces against the domain I only show emails coming from the expensify emails. I also manually reviewed all messages that show as failed and spam filtered and none show that could have possibly been expensify. Upon logging in it will sometimes say that it has issues delivering and that we need to whitelist the domains and then click the button to deliver emails again. We click the banner message as requested saying we whitelisted the domains and it works fine for a couple days and then we get the banner again.

In case it matters, here are additional factors:

  • It is going to a distribution list set to delivery to multiple people handling that account
  • We recently migrated from Google Workspace to O365. I also ran a message trace in Google's panel but nothing shows to have been received since we changed the MX records over.
  • No other reports of missing email.


  • John Schuster
    John Schuster Expensify Team Posts: 127 Expensify Team

    Hey there, @ET_WT! Thanks for joining the community and posing such a well-written question! It's clear you've done your homework, and I appreciate it!

    Unfortunately, I might need to point you back to Concierge. My next step would be to ask the domain name of the organization you support, but I wouldn't feel comfortable having you share that information in a public forum.

    For a bit of context, I think the next step here would be to run the domain through our mailgun logs to see if we find more concrete details on why these emails are not getting delivered, but again, I don't recommend sharing the domain publicly.

    Would you mind reaching back out to Concierge with this information if you haven't already? For the sake of speed, can you include a link to this Community post when you write in? That'll ensure that whichever teammate gets your message will have the context necessary to take my suggested steps.

  • ET_WT
    ET_WT Expensify Customer Posts: 2

    Thank you for your response John.

    I just send another message to concierge from the main account and also DM'ed you the details.

  • jwh
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    I have had a 4 day thing going with the concierge. Mail can be sent to expensify but two days ago we went for over 4 hours with the infamous yellow bar atop. I put the above domains, concierge@ all in the hotmail safe accounts.

    Concierge said something is blocking some of the hotmail accounts. Not just block, like spam, but invisible. Expensify shows they sent, and at the end of the first day, I did a test submit to send back and it went fine.

    Now today, it is back. My guy who is working his butt off, tried to send the chat and it went yellow bar again. If a good solution on my end, other than the apparent conclusion that Microsoft is blocking a MICROSOFT email account from web based outlook mail, I would love to hear it!

    Presently not getting mail, yellow is up and I report to concierge anything else I can discover.

  • jwh
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    OKAY, just now, having joined the community, I got your welcome letter!!!! STILL cannot receive from my concierge but THIS ADDRESS @expensify did clear.

    We are stymied.