How do I handle multiple the credit card transactions that together apply to one recipt?

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I had a Hotel stay, On credit card transaction was for the down payment. At the end of my stay they billed me the balance in a second transaction. However, they for got to remove taxes, because I work for a non-profit, so they refunded me the taxes in a third credit card translation.

I have two receipts, one with taxes and a second with the taxes taken off. Neither of the receipts correspond to any of the credit card translations. But the three transactions together add up to the amount on the final receipt.

Is there a suggested way to report this type of situation? I can't imagine it is not too uncommon.


  • Al Garces
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    In this case, you can add one of the receipts to the expense. You should add the other supporting receipt as a Document in the Expense Report. Also, check with your internal Expense team to verify your report actions.

  • CCCaptain
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    Hi Al,

    I finally solved this issue and it was simpler than I thought. I was perhaps not clear that I have automatic credit card import set up. My question was really what to do with the multiple credit card transactions that Expensify imported into my Expenses view. My problem seems to be that I did not understand the way credit card transactions are reported to Expensify.

    My solution

    Since this transaction started with a credit card hold when I made the reservation, the value changed as the hotel updated the charge. A couple of the intermediate changes from the hotel were imported into Expensify as separate transactions, which confused me. In the end though there was a final amount imported that corresponded to my final bill. I associated that with the bill and deleted all the other credit card transactions from the hotel in the Expenses view.

    I hope people find comment this useful.