Ending support for the Expensify Chrome Extension

Ted Harris
Ted Harris Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 360 Expensify Team

For many years Expensify supported the ability to create and import receipts from a web page in Google Chrome - this was facilitated by a little-used Chrome Extension that would simply print the page as a PDF and then import it to your account for SmartScanning.

While we love this feature, it’s only used by 0.003% of our users. Pursuant to changes Google has enforced around what can and cannot be facilitated by a Chrome Extension - we have removed the Extension from the web store for new users and will soon be deprecating it formally for everyone, instead of continuing to support something which the vast majority of our users probably weren’t even aware of.

Going forward, you can still SmartScan receipts with the Expensify app, drag-and-drop them via the website or forward them to [email protected] (don’t worry, these are never going away!).