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The Reports page is a great place to get a snapshot of which reports need to be submitted, which are awaiting approval and which reports have been Reimbursed.

This page is fairly simple to use, but there are a handful of things to point out!

  1. You can filter for reports with a certain status - hover your mouse over the button to click and view only reports of that status.
    1. Open = A report which is still "In Progress" - you have not submitted it
    2. Processing = A report which has been submitted for Approval but has not yet been Final Approved
    3. Approved = A report which has been Approved but not Reimbursed. For non-reimbursable reports, this is the end-status
    4. Reimbursed = A report which has been Reimbursed. If it also says "Withdrawing" that means the ACH process is starting. "Confirmed" means the ACH process is underway or complete. No additional status means that your Admin is reimbursing you outside of Expensify, for example via payroll or internet banking
    5. Closed = This can be a red flag (see 3. below). This means the report requires no further action
  2. Closed reports - if you are using Expensify for "work", you are likely part of a Group Policy. You can see in the above pic that the Policy column shows "Expensicom" policies - these are Group Policies that someone might use for work. These usually have an "Approval Workflow" which means they are Approved. If you have a Closed report, it's important to check that you have submitted it to your manager on the Group Policy and not to yourself on your Personal policy. This Reports page is a great place to check this.
  3. Rejected reports - if you have submitted a report but suddenly it's back to "Open" and it has been "rejected" by an Approver, this usually just means you need to fix something. Click into the report and check the History to see if your Approver has left a comment

Exporting Reports

If you want to check numbers at any stage, or just create your own CSV records, you can select a report and Export To one of our preset export formats, or even create your own:

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