Admin Permissions to Set Copilots for Users

Lori_BB Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

Hi there,

I would like to request an enhancement to the current Admin controls to allow the Admin user to set up a copilot on behalf of a user, similar to how Admin's have permission to set a Vacation Delegate for Report approvals.

Business scenario is a user who due to unforeseen circumstances needs to go on leave without being able to submit expenses that recently occurred. Users who are on leave lose system access and therefore cannot access Expensify even through the App and by the time they will return from leave their expenses are out of policy.

Before moving to Expensify an Admin user was able to select a user who would be able to submit expenses on behalf of the user who was on leave so there wouldn't be an interruption to the employee's expense reimbursement.