DEI Efforts @ Expensify

Rose Grech
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At Expensify, we're passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We’ve launched a ton of unique initiatives outlined below and we've just scratched the surface! We're excited to continue to weave DEI into our DNA and we look forward to exploring more opportunities.

Diversity Recruiting

  • Built partnerships with local and national organizations serving diverse talent including Women Who Code, Women Impact Tech, PDX Women in Tech, Simple X, National Society of Black Engineers, and Grace Hopper x Anita B. Foundation.
  • Expanded our job outreach platforms to include organizations serving diverse members and audiences including Blacks in Technology, PDX Women in Tech, People of Color in Technology, Society of Women Engineers, DevColor, Black Women Talk Tech, Latinas in Tech, IEEE Women in Technology, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and National Society of Black Engineers.
  • Forged new relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), and coding schools serving diverse communities including but not limited to Howard University, Spelman College, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, Morehouse College, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, and the University of Puerto Rico.
  • Expanded sourcing efforts to focus on relationship recruiting, that builds authentic relationships with diverse communities and talent in the tech industry through LinkedIn and direct talent recruiter platforms.

Inclusive Benefits //  Work Culture

  • Parental leave - three months 100% paid to all parents welcoming their new child(ren), with flexible distribution of that time throughout the year. For birthing employees, our Medical Leave and Parental Leave can be combined to provide up to 6 months 100% paid if needed, no questions asked. The time can be used during pregnancy, after birth, or any time the employee needs it.
  • Medical leave - three months 100% paid to all employees for any medical leave, including mental health. No questions asked.
  • Remote work - the option to work remotely for all employees — existing and incoming. This increases our attraction, recruitment, and retention of local and global diverse talent. 
  • Immigration - provide visa sponsorship for any employee seeking to work from our global locations: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. 
  • Mentor program - provide employees with a support partner that helps them navigate the workplace, guide them through Growth and Recognition tracks and provide them equitable access to development tools, opportunities, and resources.
  • Mental Health Support - a membership through Talkspace to all our employees who need mental health support.
  • Employee Voluntary Self-Identification - integrated self-identification in our recruiting and onboarding process, making it a part of Expensify’s culture.


  • Facilitated participation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trainings and workshops for senior leaders/directors — with a goal to upskill with knowledge and tools to create Expensify original DEI educational resources.
  • Produced an Expensify original DEI film series, LAT Talks, exploring and unpacking key concepts and topics on the power of representation, inclusion, and belonging — first up: Trevor Noah.
  • Hosted all-company inclusive and courageous conversation unpacking concepts from the first LAT Talk, sharing employees' diverse stories and experiences, and proposing new ways to holistically integrate DEI into the organization.

Community & Culture

  • Formed with a mission to eliminate injustice around the world by making giving and volunteering more convenient, meaningful, and collaborative.
  • Guided by national gender pay gap data, Expensify donates $0.25 for every $1 paid to white male employees, committing $3 million in annual matching funds to's community-driven initiatives.
  • Awarded $25K to 10 grassroots organizations and individuals from across the world fighting injustice in their community, with an additional $5K to semifinalists. 
  • Hosted cultural moment celebrations in partnership with local organizations for moments including Pride, Mental Health Awareness Month, Women’s Month, and Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.
  • Highlighted and acknowledged key cultural moments including but not limited to MLK Day, Black History Month, Women’s Month, and Pride — through imagery and messaging within our product, digital platforms, sites, and socials.
  • Expanded our portfolio of talent to include diverse influencers, thought leaders and activists to promote our brand on social media (primarily activated during the promotion of the justice fund).
  • Utilized the Portland office, which is a historical bank, to host events for local organizations that serve diverse communities including PDX Women in Technology and Here to Stay.