Why/how does Expensify suggest the same receipt every time I need to attach a receipt to an expense?

beam Expensify Customer Posts: 2

I have a monthly expense where I have to submit the same (as in, 100% identical) receipt every month for an expense for a large purchase that is being reimbursed in installments. Let's call this receipt A.

When I go to attach receipt A to an expense, Expensify suggests receipt B, a receipt I uploaded in Sept 2020 and used thru the end of that year. It has suggested receipt B for every single receipt I've needed to attach to an expense since the end of that year. This is what that looks like:

Now, the fact that this receipt haunts me and follows my every move w/in Expensify suggests to me that there's some repository where I can store persistent receipts to attach to installment expenses, which is actually cool and something I would use. However, I've done more searching than this issue probably merits trying to figure out how to do this and I cannot.

So: Does anyone have any suggestions about how to store a persistent receipt in Expensify? And if that's not possible, does anyone have any suggestions about how to remove persistent receipts in Expensify?

Thanks so much!