How to: Change an Invoice to an Expense Report

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If you accidentally created an Invoice when you meant to create an Expense Report it's a quick step to change it to an expense report so you can submit it to your manager for approval.

General overview of the difference between invoices and expense reports:

Invoices are generally sent by a business to receive payment from a customer.

Expense Reports are usually sent by an employee to their manager for approval.

My Report is in a Processing or Approved state

If the report is in a Processing or Approved state (i.e, you sent it to someone for approval/reimbursement), you'll want to click Undo Submit to retrieve it to the Open state.

If the report has been marked as paid, you should reach out to your approver and ask them to Cancel Reimbursement and Reject the report back to you.

Once the report is in an Open state (or after it's rejected back to you), you can change it from an invoice to an expense report.

In a web browser

  • Click the Details icon in the upper right corner of a specific report
  • Click on the drop-down list under Type > choose Expense Report

On the mobile app

  • Tap the Edit button in the upper-right corner of a specific report
  • Tap on Expense Report
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