FAQ: I'm trying to verify my bank account, but I don't see all 3 test transactions. What do I do?

Katie Oswalt
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When setting up your verified bank account, the final step is when we send 3 small transactions (2 withdrawals and 1 credit) to your bank to make sure we're all set.

If you don't see all 3 transactions by the end of those 2 days:

  1. It's a good idea to wait till the end of that second business day--these are sent at slightly different times, but they should both appear within those 2 business days.
  2. Still don't see them? This likely means your bank needs to take just one more step! Please reach out to your bank and ask them to whitelist our ACH ID's 1270239450, 2270239450, and 4270239450. Expensify’s ACH Originator Name is "Expensify".
  3. Make sure to reach out to Concierge (via chat or concierge@expensify.com) once you have done so and our team will be able to re-trigger those 3 transactions!