Can every person on a policy have an "approves to" person set up?

JoleneMM Expensify Customer Posts: 2

We use the advanced approval workflow and 99% of the time it works great. All employees have a manager set up that they submit to and each manager submits to Finance for final approval/reimbursement. However, we don't have an "approves to" person set up for everyone on the policy and it has sometimes caused issues.

For example, we added a new employee to the policy recently (Jane) and set them up to submit to their manager (Jake). That part worked wonderfully but because Jake had never been an approver before, they didn't have anyone set up for their approvals to route through. Therefore the approved reports for Jane sat in limbo without reimbursement for about a week before Finance noticed.

Can I set up everyone on the policy to "approve to" someone in Finance even if they don't currently have anyone they approve for? That way, in the event that they do approve for someone in the future, we won't accidently miss that step when adding a new employee? I keep thinking that it won't cause any problems because, if they don't currently approve, it won't push anything through to Finance so it's a non-issue but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.