How can I move old open items that have already been entered in closed in QB off of active reports?

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I just became the accountant for a company that has Expensify integrated with Quickbooks. I'm new to using Expensify and one of the issues our consultant was unable to resolve was that there are open expense items from prior closed financial periods still labeled as open (2021 books are closed in Quickbooks, so I don't want them to post) and continued to be rolled into current reports, so we're unable to upload the current items in the report without potentially having an error in the upload(?) or double-booking expenses from 2021. Does anyone have a solution?

I disabled "Scheduled Submit" in Settings. And was hoping that having each user create an "OLD EXPENSES - DO NOT PROCESS" report where previous items could be moved, while having the "Scheduled Submit" disabled would prevent this from happening again. Are there better solutions, and will my idea actually work?




  • Jeremy Boniface
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    I think your idea would work. You need to separate the expenses that need to be exported from the expenses that don't. Then, for the report with old expenses, you'll want to submit and approve it, so that it's finalized. Finally, mark the report as exported (by clicking Export to then Mark as manually entered). As a note, if you have Auto-Sync enabled under Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy name] > Connections > Configure > Advanced then the report could auto-export when you approve/finalize it. Accordingly, before you process the old expenses, you might want to disable this, then re-enable when your'e done. I would also recommend turning Scheduled Submit back on after you sort this out.

  • RichF
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    So, our employee created the new "dummy" report, however, neither of us is able to move the older expenses to the new report. Can you provide additional advice on how to resolve this issue?

  • April Bekkala
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    Hi @RichF - both reports will need to be 'owned' by the same account and both will need to be in Open status in order to move expenses from one to the other.

    If you need more detailed guidance please reach out to Concierge via your in-app messenger or sending an email to