Can the company access reports, receipts, etc. if it cancels subscription?

jsaccounting Expensify Customer Posts: 1

This question is on the company level, rather than on an employee level.

If the company is to cancel subscription, can the admin department (specifically accounting department) access ALL reports, receipts, etc, as it can DURING subscription? Will it be all old information as if during subscription, or will it be limited access?

I see that this question was asked and answered for the employee level, on this discussion site; however, we need to know what kinds of reports and information the Company can access after subscription is over. (especially for audit purposes)

What is the competitive edge for Expensify in terms of access after subscription is over?


  • Maddy Lewis
    Maddy Lewis Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 120 Expensify Team

    Hi @jsaccounting - Great question! All submitted report histories will remain intact and accessible in your account even after your subscription ends/you delete your paid policy.

    One thing to keep in mind - Only the users who were policy admins on a deleted policy will have access to the report history from that policy. But, you will always be able to access it as long as your Expensify account remains open.