Has anyone had any success with uploading PDF reports through SFTP?

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Has anyone had any success with uploading through SFTP? All I get is a successful connection, but it won't upload any file to the SFTP server.

Here's a snippet of my API POST request:

https://integrations.expensify.com/Integration-Server/ExpensifyIntegrations?requestJobDescription={"type": "file","credentials": {"partnerUserID": xxx","partnerUserSecret": xxxx"},"onReceive": {"immediateResponse": ["returnRandomFileName"]},"inputSettings": {"type": "combinedReportData","filters": {"reportIDList": "xxxx"}},"outputSettings": {"fileExtension": "pdf","includeFullPageReceiptsPdf": true},"onFinish":[{"actionName":"sftpUpload","sftpData": {"host":"xxxx.com","login":"xxxx","password":"xxxx","port":22}}]}

SFTP showing it is connecting successfully:

Am I missing something on my API call?