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Integrations API returns incorrect JSON in some cases

Oveo_integrations Expensify Customer Posts: 1


We have the following setup to fetch reports:

RequestJobDescription parameter:

    "type": "file",
    "credentials": {
        "partnerUserID": "",
        "partnerUserSecret": ""
    "onReceive": {
        "immediateResponse": [
    "inputSettings": {
        "type": "combinedReportData",
        "reportState": "OPEN,APPROVED,REIMBURSED",
        "filters": {
            "startDate": "2020-01-01",
            "endDate": "2050-01-01"
    "outputSettings": {
        "fileExtension": "json",
        "fileBasename": "export"

Template parameter:

<#if addHeader>
<#list reports as report>
"accountID": "${report.accountID}",<#lt>
"accountEmail": "${report.accountEmail}",<#lt>
"status": "${report.status}",<#lt>
"submitDate": "${report.submitted}",<#lt>
"createdDate": "${report.created}",<#lt>
"currency": "${report.currency}",<#lt>
<#if addFooter>

It works fine with some integrations but for some of the integrations response that is constructed from Expensify API just missing commas between some of the entities in JSON array. For example, we have a JSON response of 65k lines and there is missing comma on the line 1203, just in random place.

Are there any fixes about this problem?