Settle your Expensify Cards monthly or daily, you pick!

David Barrett
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By very popular demand, we've added a monthly payment option for the Expensify Card program! So the two options are:

  • Monthly settlement (new!) - Purchases across all cards are grouped by month, and payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account once a month. This is great for companies that carefully manage cashflow and need a little extra credit to finance operations.
  • Daily settlement - Purchases across all cards are grouped by day, and payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account every day. This is great for high spend companies that want to "turn over" their credit limit faster.

However you choose to settle, Expensify Cards:

  • Cost nothing - In addition to spending on the Expensify Card, you can track mileage and reimburse receipts.
  • Synchronize daily - Purchases flow into your accounting package (QuickBooks Online, Xero, Intacct, or Netsuite) seamlessly on a daily basis, so your books will always reflect the latest spend data ensuring you always have complete visibility.
  • Are physical and virtual - Not only do you get a lovingly crafted, beautiful card for your wallet, but you get a virtual card to go with it!
  • Live Rich with up to 2% cashback - As they say, you gotta spend money to make money, earn cash straight to your bank account every month!

Monthly settlement is just one more way that Expensify gets a little better every day.


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PPS: Know anybody who knows React Native well? We've got a $32,000 bounty for anyone who can fix this one teeny bug (and another 90 open issues worth over $100K more), with the code contributed back to the open source community!


  • BilltheArchitect
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    This is an awesome addition. Thanks Expensify!! Question: If we are on the free plan and select Monthly settlement can our expense reports now be set to auto-submit monthly instead of weekly? The current system forces everyone's reports to submit weekly which doesn't align with our accounting which is on a monthly rythym. I keep having to manually re-open reports for staff which is time consuming.