Re-opening a closed report

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I'm trying to re-open a report that is "closed" in order to change the currency (defaulted to calculating in US $). However, I don't have the "open" report button on my computer screen (per the how-to suggestion). I can only see a "ReBill Expenses" button which then provides an error message...



  • Christina Dobryzynski
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    Welcome to the community, @ksnicholls! It looks like this expense report was linked to a group policy that has since been deleted which is why you don't see any options to Open the report.

    I think the best option is to recreate these expenses.

    To do this,

    1. Sign in to your Expensify account at and click on the Expenses page.
    2. Set the filters at the top of the page to see all the expenses.
    3. Click the checkbox to select all the expenses
    4. Choose Export to select the Default CSV export.

    Then recreate the expenses by clicking New Expense select Create Multiple.

    I'm more than happy to answer any questions here, but this is a public forum, so please avoid sending any private account information. If you'd like to share private information, please reach out to us in chat or by emailing

    Feel free to reach out with any questions!

  • ksnicholls
    ksnicholls Expensify Customer Posts: 2

    Hi Christina,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't seem to be able to open the report in the Expenses section, even with all the filters selected, including "closed". I can only reopen from the "Reports" section and export a CSV file. And of course, the CSV file doesn't have any of the photos of the receipts...

    So is my only option to re-photo and recreate all the expenses in the Expense section again? (copy paste of the CSV file doesn't seem possible ...)

    thanks, Kevin

  • Victoria O'leary
    Victoria O'leary Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 110 Expensify Team

    Thanks for getting back to us Kevin

    Just to jump back a little bit, you won't be able to reopen the report, but you should see the expenses from that report listed in your Expenses tab. All you need to do from there is select the checkboxes next to the expenses and export. I've had a quick look at your account myself and have been able to follow the steps Christina gave you, it might be best for you to reach out to our Concierge team so we can live chat with you; just email us on or use the in-product chat.