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Top manufacturer of water level controllers in chennai |Ktronicsglobal

KTRONICS is the Top leading manufacturer of  Water Level controllers with indicators in Chennai. We are authorized manufacturers and distributors.Top manufacturer of water level controllers in chennai .For more details contact us: +91 9043876528  | +91 9444962691

KTRONICS, one of the leading water level controller manufacturers, is in Chennai. Since its establishment, the company has dedicated itself to the customers with multiple innovations in technology and management. It has successfully developed various types of water level controllers that use all kinds of pumps. Our strict emphasis on quality combines with the latest microcontroller-based technology products to offer our customers a competitive edge and international quality. Since its beginning, the company has established a reputation for itself as a supplier of quality products.



The water level controller is the ideal water-saving mechanism gaining popularity forth past decade.

Many companies have begun to evolve from basic 555 based controllers to MCU based controlling and now artificial intelligence is getting introduced with Industry 4.0 concept.With all the new technology, let us scroll down to understand the simple tricks to follow to get the best results in the overhead tank water level controller. We are here to guide you to buy the best water level, controller in chennai.

Let’s understand, what is Water Level Controller-

A basic water level controller is a simple motor with an on-off switch that you have been operating everyday as your overhead tank gets empty. This technology operates the motor when the topmost level in the tank empties and it turns off the motor, as the tank fills full. These level controllers are available in various types and at different prices ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 10,000.Remember if you choose the wrong product your motor will be in danger. In most cases, the motor burning because of over running is due to the fault in water level controllers. Choosing the right water level controllers gives long life to your water motor.

So, scroll down to read a few tricks in maintaining the best water level controller to achieve optimum results.

  1. Understand your Motor

   The two types of AC water motor are

  •  Jet Pump – used outside sump tank
  • Submersible Pump –  used inside sump tank

   Every motor consumes different power based on each condition such as

  • The in-between distance of the sump tank, overhead tank, and motor.
  • Pipe’s thickness and pipe set-up from bottom to top
  • Rotor friction of the motor
  • Environmental conditions
  • The metal present in the motor
  • Quality of the copper used in the winding, rusting


There are many types and varieties of water controllers in sold by leading dealers and manufacturers, hope our tricks help you achieving the best results in the overhead tank water level controller in chennai. Irrespective of the type of WLC, the water quality and the right sensor play a vital role in giving you the best quality water level indicator in chennai . Durability and quality are the main aspects of choosing a WLC that gives you the best results.

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