Abusive Subscription User Journey when coming back to Expensify after a few years...

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I am an early user of Expensify. I used it for many years. Then I stopped using it about 3 years ago. I stayed on the Free Plan to keep my account ready if needed.

That day happened yesterday. I logged in again into Expensify and explored the new version. I was trying to find out if the Free plan could provide an automatic publishing of the Expenses report at the end of every month... Then, I do not know how, a group plan got activated because of one of these parameters. I thought it was fine because it told me that I just activated a 7 days Free Trial.

Then I discovered the flawed and abusive User Journey.

The 7 days Trial advertised got confirmed into a Yearly Plan that I couldn't cancel for no explained reason. I think that it got abusively triggered because many years ago, I did use a 7 days Free Trial and therefore I could not re-use it. But it WASN'T EXPLAINED. I was not given ANY NOTICE, nor ANY CHOICE. The user journey was clearly abusive.

I believe this is flawed when you come back to Expensify after 3 years of not using it.

Screenshots below shows I am stuck in a plan despite the system tells me I still have 6 days left on my Trial.

What do you think ?