Workday / Expensify - Postman? I am so lost, please help!

dmattus Expensify Customer Posts: 1


We're trying to connect Workday and Expensify. We have the JSON link from Workday and I think our Expensify report is correct (see below - with user names removed). But anything I enter on postman is throwing errors. I don't even understand how to use postman - is this how we connect Workday/Expensify?

Would anyone be willing to meet with us? I'd be so grateful!

 curl -X POST '' \

  -d 'requestJobDescription={


  "type": "update",

  "dry-run" : false,

  "credentials": {

    "partnerUserID": "expensify api ",

    "partnerUserSecret": "xxx",

       "feedUrl": "JSON Link from Workday",

    "feedUser": "Workday integration user",

    "feedPassword": "Workday integration user password"


  "dataSource" : "download",

  "inputSettings": {

    "type": "employees",

    "entity": "generic"



    {"actionName": "email", "recipients":","}