SAP B1 Integration

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Are there any Expensify users currently using SAP B1 for their accounting software? I'm having a difficult time understand how exactly to get our expense reports into our software. I've worked with Concierge/Guides, but they referred me to speak with our SAP partners. Unfortunately, our SAP partner seems to think this requires a custom build to import the Expensify exports.

I'm hoping there's users out there that have best practices. Here's my current process:

I'm currently using the SAP CSV report to export the reports. My expense categories are mapped to my GL. Once I have this export data (image below), I can use the column "account" for the expense coding. The following column seems to delineate between employee paid/reimbursable (Debit) and company paid (Credit) expenses. I can rearrange this data to create a journal entry to record the expenses and manually enter the credit side to the appropriate accounts.

If you're currently using expensify in tandem with SAP Business One, I'd love to hear from you!