How to align the expense accounts with the Xero chart of accounts

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I have just started to use Expensify with the Xero integration, but am having difficulty exporting the data to Xero as some of the team are using the Expensify cost categories and not the Xero cost categories, so we need to manually change all of the cost codes to align with Xero before an export can happen.

My question is: is there a way to remove the default Expensify cost categories and only allow an expense to be coded to one of the Xero cost categories instead? That way the export of data will always go through without manually updating every individual cost code that has been incorrectly used.

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  • Ben Fitz
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    Hey @Alex_B — absolutely!

    • Xero expense accounts and accounts marked with "Show In Expense Claims" will be automatically imported into Expensify as Categories.
    • After connecting, go to Settings > Policies > Groups > [Policy Name] > Categories to see the accounts imported from Xero.
    • Use the enable/disable check-box to choose which Categories to make available to your employees.
    • Click the blue settings cog to set Category specific rules such as default tax rate, maximum amount, receipts required, comments and comment hints.

    Once you enable these, employees should not be able to select non-Xero categories for expenses that are reported on this policy.